Our Story

We are friends and colleagues excited to collaborate in an area we both love: helping people sort through physical, psychological and emotional stuff.

We have both facilitated many hoarding self help groups and have our own counselling businesses which have taken us into the realms of clutter. Approached by organisations such as NEAMI, MIND, EACH, Wellways and the Department of Housing to work with their clients with hoarding issues, we find it deeply satisfying to help people and have awareness of how our inner world can affect our outer world and vice versa.

Coming together to create Light and the Load was a natural step in the direction of our passion. We look forward to the opportunity to make a difference in your world.

Why Us?

Raspal and Tabitha are both qualified holistic counsellors who love working in the hoarding field. 

 Not just clutter-clearers, not just counsellors, they combine both into a heart-centered, humble, respectful, empowering tailor-made service with you at the helm.


Tabitha refers to herself as a 'border-hoarder': sentimental, creative, a resourcer, and having grown up collecting, taking care of and saving 'things'. Having learned to let go, and specialising in trauma, she is keen to help other women heal and find freedom.


Raspal likes to work 1:1 with her clients, within a person centered framework. Coming from a non judgmental, empathetic and supportive background, Raspal strives to hold a space for people to feel comfortable and safe, whilst working to achieve realistic and desirable vision for her clients. Raspal has worked with many people, from different backgrounds, ages, and cultures and believes that offering a warm and caring therapeutic approach, underpinned with competence and skill in most cases delivers recovery-focused outcomes and true healing.